Nature Seeing with “fresh eyes” – A deeper experience

  Around the time I first learned how to meditate, something amazing nature happened to me. It happened one day, quite spontaneously.  I was working as a lawyer at the time and I used to walk down a little lane way to the train station on my commute to work. It’s not an especially beautiful lane way – a concrete footpath, […]

Nature is a teacher – What happens when you allow everything to be “as it is”?

A number of years ago I went on holiday to a beautiful part of Portugal. We stayed in a converted farmhouse in the middle of a national park. The farmhouse was in a valley. We arrived in the evening when the birds were just starting to roost. It was still warm and the air smelled sweet with pollen. You could […]

Connecting to Care

The absence of a deep emotional connection between humans and the natural world is at the root of the environmental crisis. Can you think of a place in nature that you know really well? Close your eyes for a moment and see what comes up. Can you visualise the place in exquisite detail? The sounds, the colours, the smells, the […]

Trying and searching and wanting

I am sitting on my balcony. It is spring and there is a little bit of heat in the sun. The balcony looks out over a road. The road is usually busy… an endless stream of trucks and cars but right now there is no traffic. Everyone is self-isolating. The machine has stopped. It feels strange. Peaceful. I can hear […]