About Us

About Life Goals

This online magazine is all about consciously choosing to work towards being the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

We all live in a competitive world and we often feel like we need to compete with each other to get where we want to be. The truth is, we really only need to compete with ourselves. Every day we can get stronger, wiser and better. We have so much potential within us and we just have to find the motivation and self-awareness to be our most authentic selves.

We all have life goals that we want to achieve someday, but saying “someday” isn’t proactive. We could be making real moves to get to where we want to be each and every single day. #Goals can become our reality with the right mindset and actionable steps we can take. It can also be fun! This space is meant to be encouraging, fun, and helpful.

I created Life Goals because I wanted a collaborative space where we could showcase voices from around the world and express different experiences and tips on how to be our best selves. I see the potential of getting help and inspiration from other achievers and big dreamers. We can help each other strive and conquer.

About the Founder, Coley Lane Bouschet

I’m Coley and I’m the Founder of Life Goals Mag. I live and work in Southern California. I believe strongly in the power of self-improvement and community. I love drinking iced oat lattes at my local coffee shop, discovering new personal development trends and talking about the enneagram. I am also a Visibility Strategist who helps creatives with creating a strategic marketing plan to land dream clients and get seen online. You can follow along with me on Instagram,